Pharmacy Technician Certification – Financial Aid and Continuing Education Information

Pharmacy Technician Certification is essential for better Career prospects and a higher salary. It is not mandatory for a technician to acquire any type of formal education for working in a pharmacy, on-the job training itself is enough for pharmacy job. But, certification offers him/her numerous benefits, such as better salary and career opportunities, and allows him to work in another state pharmacy, if he/she plans moving to another state from one state. Even, numerous Financial Aids and Grants are available for attending training programs for getting certified through, PTCB Certification

PTCB Certification

Certification can be availed by appearing and passing certification test offered by PTCB. The prerequisites of this certification are high school diploma and no felony charges within five years of the certification application.

The training for the Certification can be availed from numerous community colleges, universities, schools, trade schools and online courses. The course duration for the training program is less than a year. The training program consists of classroom and job-on work trainings in a pharmacy setting. Technicians are also taught about the pharmacy law and ethics for safe and effective service of the patients.

Free Financial Aid

If the person appearing for various diplomas, degrees and certificate training program is not financially sound then, Free Financial Aids from various sources, such as state and federal grants, private scholarships, community college and institutional grants, and corporate Financial Aids can be availed for the completion of the course work. He/she can even avail the tuition reimbursements, for refund of their tuition fees and, Sallie Mae loans or bank loans for course perusal. These free moneys are offered for course completion and continuing education.

Continuing Education

It is also worth remembering that to remain Certified, it is necessary to get re-certified within 2 years of Certification. For Re-certification, Continuing Education of 20 credit hours is essential and can be availed through, these pharmacy training course provider, colleges and institutions.10 credit hours is based on classroom learning, which consists 1 hour especially on Pharmacy Law. The balance 10 clock hour training can be undertaken in a Pharmacy setting by on-the job training or externship, under the direct supervision of a Pharmacist.